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EF Tours

Every two years Mr. White offers student trips to Spanish-speaking countries. The trips are coordinated by Education First (EF) Tours and are mostly funded by students' families (although we do try to do some fundraisers to defray as much of the expense as possible). In 2009 students traveled to northern Spain, in 2011 to Costa Rica, in 2013 to southern Spain, and in 2015 to Ecuador. Students who have traveled with EF consistently state that these trips are "life-changing experiences" that allow them to see the world through "a new set of eyes."

Planning is already under way for our next trip. In June of 2017 we will be returning to northern Spain! The all-inclusive cost of the trip is just over $3,000. Six students have already signed up for the trip, and have begun preparing for their adventure, but enrollment remains open through the end of the year for anyone else who might be interested.

Check out www.eftours.com for more specific information, and always feel free to contact Mr. White with any questions.